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  • Creative Lab Solutions - Creative Lab Solutions South Africa Pty LTD has become a trusted name by Commercial and Private laboratories throughout South Africa.With a guarantee for Best Pricing and Quality Assured Products Creative Lab Solutions South Africa Pty LTD offer a vast ra
  • Everyday Marketing and Distribution - Marketing + Distribution of FMCG to Southern Africa. Own Brand (Everyday Bright) Shoe polish and Detergent Soap Bar and Powder Dishwash liquid Ammonia Cleaner Fabric Softener Degreaser Supply services- Marketing, Storage and Distribution Chemical Sale
  • African Glue Industries cc - Supplier/distributor of gelatines.Specialising in industrial/technical gelatine.AGI distributes nationally as well as exporting to other African countries.
  • Fusion Chemicals - Fusion Chemicals is a South African distributor of Fine, specialty and raw material chemicals for the Personal Care, Homecare, Industrial and Institutional and Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Working Mom Chemicals - Cleaning Chemicals & equipment. Safety equipment, Packaging, Paper products and Clothing. Your one stop A-Z Supplier.
  • ScaleAway - Suppliers of Industrial Descalers, Industrial Descaling Equipment, Industrial Descaling Services, Water Treatment Systems and Water Treatment Services.

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  • ScaleAway - Descaling of lime scale and rust removal from the water side of all industrial equipment, like oil coolers, heat exchangers, extrusion machines, pipe reticulation etc.
  • Tile and Floor Care The leaders in floor care - Tile and floor care (TFC) is a retail supply company that focuses on providing the retail market with the highest quality products for cleaning, sealing and maintaining floors.
  • Ultim8 Cleaning Chemicals - Ultim8 is a leading cleaning chemical and janitorial supplies company. We supply all industries, from domestic to industrial products. - Washing Detergents - Car wash Chemicals - Laundry chemicals - Floor Cleaning Chemicals and Sealers. - Drain Clean

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