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  • HelloCrowd (Pty) Ltd - By focusing on Mobile Event Technology, the innovative event industry, and the value of connecting attendees at events, HelloCrowd delivers a ground-breaking user-friendly platform to build a mobile event app for events, conferences and meetings. Our
  • Netgen (Pty) Ltd - Creating custom IT solutions to suit your business. For more information visit the website at
  • Data Afrique - Developers of bespoke software. Distributors of eXpd8 Client Management Systems
  • Sage Pastel Payroll & HR - As one of South Africa’s leading developers of payroll and HR software, Sage Pastel Payroll & HR is committed to providing innovative and easy-to-use payroll solutions for all types and size of businesses.
  • McA Computer Services - McA Computer Services Pty (Ltd) - IT Software providers & support consultants
  • Odessa Technologies, Inc. - Odessa Technologies, Inc. is a leasing industry which has headquaters in philadelphia - USA, with operations in Bangalore- India. Our main objective is leasing the assets whether it is in equipment leasing or asset management.
  • Westech Systems - Westech is a local supplier of IT Equipment and Managed IT Services. We have been in existence for the past 17 years and our record speaks for itself when it comes to delivery of quality service. Westech have worked with a variety of partners in various s
  • Efficiency Hub - All-in-one solution. Increase office productivity + do more business: FSPhub for Financial Service Providers BiznizHub for other business owners/professionals All your work in ONE place, online CRM component and management control. A web-based paperless s
  • TransCT Technologies PTY LTD - TransCT Technologies (Pty) Ltd, is a Software Distribution company that specializes in the reselling, distribution, implementation and support of various software solutions
  • VAYUZ Technologies - Mobile App, Web App and Bigdata development company. We perceive Technology as a solution grail, a means to the end. We are a full stack product development company, where application development is an art. Where building a product is creating a hor

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