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5wh Corporate Services (Pvt) Limited

We have capacity in the field of corporate fraud risk management. 5wh is dedicated to corporate investigations. We rely on a wide spectrum of skills, ranging from former police fraud detectives through to tax investigators and auditors. 5wh is indeed uniq


Phone: 263 11 620 287
1 Prevention
5wh has developed a suite of training and awareness programs.
We recognise that, in order to develop effective resistance to fraud, all employees should be involved in prevention. 5wh provides tailored, interactive training and awareness sessions designed to:
 Identify, evaluate and document the main risks of fraud in a profile containing a range of possible methods and their likelihood of occurring in any business area
 Identify mitigation strategies to reduce risks, including policies and incident response plans
 Increase the ability to detect and address fraud at early stages
 Increase understanding of company policies and show how they apply to everyday situations
 Provide “hands on” knowledge through a mixture of practical “no names” examples and case studies.

2 Detection of Red Flags
By looking at transactions and patterns (the actual footprint of fraud), our fraud health check is designed to test for indicators hidden below the surface in order to pro-actively identify and determine the cause of any red flags of fraud.
The process can be applied to an entire organisation or company, a division, or even to just one process and provides valuable information to an organisation. We use data analytic tools such as Benford’s Law and other less exotic techniques.
Our approach is non-intrusive, non-disruptive and is designed to comply with data protection and employee rights practices.

3 Investigative Services
We have the skills and competencies to perform investigations, collect evidence and present it in a format suitable to disciplinary hearings or courts of law.
Typically, the first steps of an investigation include covert internal and external investigation work.
Once the relevant background information has been obtained and carefully analysed, the investigation can progress to a planned overt phase where interviews, open investigation work and documentation of evidence are carried out. Post-investigation objectives focus on using the experience to strengthen the organization.
5wh provides services to assist in every part of an investigation, from “whodunit” through to asset recovery. Our mission is always to find enough facts to answer the “5wh” questions, viz., what, where, when, who, why and how.

4 Litigation Support
Often companies and individuals struggle to prove damage or breach of contract and then quantify losses directly incurred and the value of business interruption. We can collect evidence to support (or oppose) and compute amounts effectively.
Our Products:
Training Manuals
Policy & Procedures Templates

Our Services:
Fraud Prevention
Fraud Detection
Fraud Investigation
Litigation Support
Asset Recovery

Contact Caleb Mutsumba, CEO for more information
Phone: 263 11 620 287 :: Fax:
5wh Corporate Services (Pvt) Limited
101 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue
P O Box 66244


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