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sancon International

Our mission is to provide quality refrigeration and services to meet the merchandising and preservation needs.


Phone: 031207-1963
Fax: 031209-6625
Sancon was established in 1984 - with a vision to provide the food industry with quality equipment founded on sound business practice, technical expertise and an appreciation of current international trends. We have successfully established ourselves as one of the superior refrigeration companies in the global market through our professionalism and dedication to providing a quality product.

What makes us different is our knowledge built through experience which enables us to interpret and transform information into the final product. We pride ourselves on our ability to identifying the needs of our customer and then take delight in tailoring unique refrigeration solutions to meet those needs.

Sancon has strategic licensed manufacturing plants in various parts of the world. With sales offices in Australia, Africa and Europe, distribution is conducted by local agents. The 2 manufacturing and distribution divisions are commercial which supplies the food industry and medical which supplies hospitals and medical research establishments.

Contact jacqueline mackie, for more information
Phone: 031207-1963 :: Fax: 031209-6625
sancon International
232 Brickfield


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