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Abipat Trading cc

Speciliasing in cleaning services, food services and hygiene services. Providing middleman services to companies that require excellent and professional services.Enriching lives through innovative delivery of food services, food parcels and groceries.


Phone: +27733395318
Fax: 0866903917
Abipat Trading


Abipat Trading is a BEE up and coming company which specialises in tenders, food services, catering and development in the South African communities. The company was founded by Abigail Siziba in 2006. The company was formed to create employment in the South African communities where the tenders will be obtained or where business will be obtained.

The company is built upon honesty, integrity and efficiency in all the areas of services provided. We will also ensure product integrity. Each product will be researched and validated to ensure it meets our exacting criteria of purity without compromise. All products that will be provided in the food services tenders will be meeting the SABS standards.


Enriching lives through innovative delivery of food services, food parcels and groceries to the South African nation timely and efficiently.


To provide quality service to all customers and to work with customers closely and create a partnership that is a long term relationship with our clients. We aim to become the best service provider there is in Gauteng.

We will be Number One in all chosen sectors, as the most trusted, best value provider of:

- Food parcels
- Groceries
- Catering
- Cleaning and hygiene services
- Acting as the middleman

Supervision and Management

The Abipat Trading team is led by Abigail Siziba. She will be employing locals for the supply of services.

Prior to the formation of Abipat Trading, Abigail has worked in big name companies and has picked up a lot of management skills. The experience has equipped her to be able to run her own company. One of the companies that she has worked for is also very supportive of BEE companies. She is actively involved in community developments and has shares in a soccer team in Mamelodi, whose purpose is to take the youth off the streets and reduce the crime rate.

Services offered

We will offer a wide range of services like

• Groceries for companies
• Food services for private sectors
• Food services for government sectors
• Catering for private functions
• Catering for government functions
• Running of cafeterias in private companies
• Running of cafeterias in government sectors
• Cleaning services
• Hygiene services
• Being the middleman

Abipat Trading understands the need for timely deliveries and has therefore requested the support of well established companies. The delivery of products will be done to satisfy customers and will be done timely. The pricing will be competitive.

Our long term strategic role will be to maintain good working relationships with our clients at all times.

Employment Policies and Equity

Abipat Trading believes that it has a duty to create meaningful employment; there will be no discrimination based on race, colour, creed or gender. All positions will be appointed on the basis of skill and inclination.

All employees will be encouraged to develop and empower themselves further through training and studying. We will also be implementing skills development programmes for multi-skilling, so that at any given time, we will be able to service our clients without fear of having no skills.

Individual Customer Care

We understand that not every client is the same and their requirements are very diverse. Every time you will need our services, give us a call and we will assess your requirements and work with you to determine the right services and the right menus or the right packages without compromising quality and SABS standards.

What will give Abipat Trading a competitive edge?

• Mutually beneficial and trusting relationships
• We believe in and will practise hands-on involvement with our clients
• As a partner rather than a supplier, our culture will be one of customer-focus
• Confidential and considerate approach to our clients’ needs
Our Services:
food services
cleaning and hygiene services
middleman services.

Contact Abigail Siziba, Director for more information
Phone: +27733395318 :: Fax: 0866903917
Abipat Trading cc
P.O Box 98037
West Park


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