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 South Africa Private Company
Business :: Information Technology

Affordable Web Design & Development

High quality yet affordable web design & development for individuals or small to medium businesses. Get your business on the map!


Phone: 0117910816
There are countless advantages to having a web site for your business, the most obvious being that your company's
services, products and details will be accessible to anyone using the internet, providing you with a dynamic platform
for marketing and promoting your business. We offer static web design and web site development from as little as
R 1,300.00, as well as providing a variety of different hosting packages that cater for individuals and businesses.
We also supply Internet Access through Dial-Up, ADSL, Wireless Iburst and 3G accounts.

Our product range includes all Mecer Computers and peripherals, as well as Printers, Computer accessories, Software, Multimedia components and more!

You can also browse through our range of computer specials... These include a standard Home Office PC, an ultra powerful Gaming PC, Notebooks and more!
Our Products:
Networks and Components

Our Services:
Web Design
Computer Repairs
Internet Access
Network Installations
Web Hosting

Contact Minyon Schutte, for more information
Phone: 0117910816 :: Fax:
Affordable Web Design & Development
Republic road, Randburg, Gauteng


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