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IT-Select (Pty) Ltd

IT-Select is a unique, dynamic, fast growing business, offering a number of exciting possibilities to all.
The Service


Phone: 084 6042440
Fax: 0866756649
The core of our business lies in our unique IT-Select Cover Plan. For a small monthly premium ranging from between R55-00 and R77-00 per month, you have the peace of mind that we will cover any existing PC in working condition against any hardware failure of any kind, under which we will, upon receipt of your call:

1. Have a qualified technician on your premises, free of charge.
2. Repair your PC within an hour from arriving, free of charge.
3. Replace any parts required under the repair, free of charge.
4. Should your PC be beyond the point of repair, replace your PC with a BRAND NEW, similar or better PC, free of charge.
5. All of this - within 1 hour !! 24 Hours per day !! 365 Days a Year !!

As if that's not brilliant enough, we also offer our clients the following:

1. Once you have been a fully paid up client for three consecutive months, you can buy any hardware, and/or software from us at "Dealer Price" - a guaranteed 0% mark-up on anything supplied to you. And how do we guarantee this? Well, we will show you the invoice from our supplier, and you simply refund us the value thereof.
2. Problems with your network, or software installations? While we don't cover these under our Cover Plan, we will gladly dispatch a qualified technician to assist you, free of charge, subject to the condition that any breakage (covered) call-out would get preference.
3. We will cover any existing peripheral (eg. Printer(s), scanner(s), monitor(s)) attached to a covered PC absolutely free, with the same unbelievable cover as for the PC itself !

The Business

Our business is largely operated under franchise agreement. And if you are interested in offering this service to clients in your area/town/city, please follow the Franchise Opportunity link on this page, and see how you can become a member of our team. It is surprisingly easy to share in this opportunity, and since we offer you a guaranteed Net Monthly Income of R30,000 per month as one of our franchisees, there is very little risk - other than the risk of becoming fat, spoiled and wealthy!
Our Products:
Franchise Opportunity
Free Repairs

Contact J Wessels Or Ray Andrews, for more information
Phone: 084 6042440 :: Fax: 0866756649
IT-Select (Pty) Ltd
Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein & Port ELizabeth


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