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Go Awaste Management Services

Go-Awaste Management Services (PTY) Ltd is a black empowerment company providing integrated waste management services to a diverse group of clients, with pecific focus to the mining industry.


Phone: 011 314 4508
Fax: 011 314 4507
The formation of Go-Awaste emanates from a decision by Anglo Platinum wanting to outsource their waste management function. Anglo Zimele, Anglo American Empowerment Initiative Limited, with other black partners and Onyx SA, an international waste company together established Go-Awaste in July 2002 specifically to serve the Rustenburg section of Anglo Platinum. Larox, a leading innovator of solid/liquid
separation solutions for the world’s process industries, from Finland, was also brought in as a technology partners to add value in their wide range of technology experience. Today Go-Awaste operates from different locations in four provinces.

The current shareholding in the company is made up of:
51.0 % of Black Empowerment Partners
20.5 % of Onyx SA
17.5 % of Larox
11.0 % of Anglo Zimele
Basetsana Magano, the Chairperson of the board and Peter Seepi, the Managing Director of the company, are the two black partners in the company, both representing communities from their place of birth, Phokeng near Rustenburg.


The Board of directors at Go-Awaste consists of people with rich and diverse experience.
 Chairperson - Basetsana Magano is a Country HR Manager at Hewlett-Packard South Africa (Pty) Ltd. She is a graduate of Wharton University, USA and has an MBA.

 Managing Director- Peter Seepi is a former Economist at the South African Reserve Bank in the National Accounts Division. He was a section head in that division. He holds a post graduate degree from the University of Pretoria and degree from the University of Northwest. He brings a wealth of experience in management and financial analysis.He has been the MD of Go-Awaste for the past two years.

The other directors are Richard Sanders, a Managing Director of Onyx SA, Patrick Jay also a Managing Director of Larox Southern Africa and Lia Vangelatos who is Business Development Manager at Anglo Zimele.

The General Manager of the company, Douw Steyn, has got experience of 22 years in transport industry and waste management. He is supported by Branch Managers with relevant experience in the areas of landfill management, hazardous waste treatment and handling emergency services, environmental management and many other areas of waste management.

Go-Awaste employs approximately 120 permanent staff and more than 50 contract workers. We believe these are the people who keep the company in good shape. They are valued, respected and taken care of.


Go-Awaste is able to supply the following services:

 Operation of landfill sites. Thereafter the closure and rehabilitation of the sites.
 Domestic waste collection services to formal housing and sports clubs
 Domestic waste collection services to informal settlements (squatter camps)
 Domestic waste collection services to hostels
 Industrial waste collection services for non salvage wastes
 Bio-hazardous (medical) waste collection and disposal from mine hospital and clinics
 Clean up of stockpiled wastes
 Collection, transport and disposal of hazardous wastes
 Clean up of hazardous waste deposits
 Recycling, recovery and Buy-Back centres
 Transfer stations
 Management of sewerage and water treatment plants
 Management of salvage yards
 Industrial Cleaning

Mission Statement

Go-Awaste Management Services will provide world-class environmental management services to mining, industry and municipal clients by:

 Ensuring safe working conditions for our staff at all times
 Providing cost effective and environmentally responsible solutions
 Providing sustainable, high-quality services
 Recruiting persons reflecting the socio-demographics of the region, using local emerging sub-contractors
 Training and developing the skills and talents of all staff to their highest potential
 Recognizing our social responsibility and making a positive impact on the local community in a professional manner, with absolute integrity
 Dynamically responding to the needs of clients by going the extra mile
 Applying new technologies and developments wherever appropriate


Honesty, integrity and trust
Safety and well-being of employees
Social responsibility
Our Products:
Plastic bins

Our Services:
Waste Management Solutions

Contact Phillemon Tumisang Molate, Buyer for more information
Phone: 011 314 4508 :: Fax: 011 314 4507
Go Awaste Management Services
16th Road,
Alphen Square North
Halfway House


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