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 South Africa Private Company
Business :: Construction and Maintenance

heat-A-room cc

Manufacturing distribution installation of underfloor heating,undertile heating,undercarpet heating systems. Supply all products in DIY kits with high quality pictures slide-show CD describing process installations.


Phone: 011 728 5701
Fax: 011 7285899
heat-A-room established in 1989 has been the pionneer of the undertile heating system in South Africa. We are fully independant and manufacture all the heating systems in our own factory. 90% of the materials used in the manufacturing process such as polymers, metal alloys for resistance wires are imported from reliable sources in the UK, Germany Danemark and France. Besides our bestseller, our undertile heating systems, we also manufacture underfloor heating cables and undercarpet heating pads. We supply a plethora of large to small independants who are active on the market place. Lately, we are aiming at the DIY market which is very promising. To this effect we have created a slideshow on CD describing step-by-step the full installation. All pictures are professionally taken and lots of comments are included on them. This CD is given free with every kit. We also offer a 5 years guarantee on our products are we pride ourselves in after sales service.
Some advantages about our systems:
1. Soft, even warmth wherever you are in the room.
2. Because there is no air movement in the air, very few dust particles are circulating into the
room space. Undertile heating is recommended to persons suffering from asthma and related
3. Economical compared with other form of energy.
4. Super fast quality installations.
5. For undercarpet heating, existing wall-to-wall carpets can be uplifted by our professional team,
pads are then inserted onto the underfelt and the carpet is then restretched and voila!
6. Extreme flexibility of the system in our climatic conditions. In the case of a cold spell, you will not
have to wait 24 hours for the system to warm up. Guaranteed!
7. Unobtrusive and maintenance free.
Our Products:
undertile heating wires
underfloor heating cables
undercarpet heating
DIY systems

Our Services:

Contact Jean-Yves Marcinhes, Owner for more information
Phone: 011 728 5701 :: Fax: 011 7285899
heat-A-room cc
155, Louis Botha avenue


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