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People Unlimited Foundation

People Unlimited Foundation is an investmnent training and skill development consultancy. We specialise in training individuals, corporates and many other groups on investment literacy. We intoduce you to all investment vehicles available on the market i.


Phone: +263 4 309070
Fax: +263 4 309070
People Unlimited Foundation (PULF) is an investment literacy organisation whose mandate is to enable people to get maximum value out of investment vehicles, with particular focus on the stock exchange, unit trusts and real estate.

We have come to conclude that the ordinary investor is not the focus of many investment service providers. Their preference is for large institutional investors. It simply costs large organisations too much money to properly advise and monitor the performance of any investment that does not command at least 5% of their total annual turnover. This leaves the ordinary investor, under informed and without adequate support to make sense of the growth or lack of growth of his investments.

PULF bridges that gap by administering your investment portfolio for you. Through us you are able to get weekly compact valuation reports with the obtaining prices for the day, no matter where you are, provided - of course, you are on email.

Our services include:
”personal investment planning services.
”investment consultancy.
”investment-structured product development.
”HR forums to create new investment paradigms for remuneration and benefit infrastructure
”and financial leadership learning and development opportunities for both individuals and corporates
The People Unlimited Foundation has global presence through its international affiliate service providers through which we provide world class personal and corporate investment products.
Our Products:
1.Raising Financially Empowered Kids
2.Masters Without Boundaries
3.Building My Financial Freedom
4.Building Transgenerational Businesses

Our Services:
Wealth Protection
Wealth Planning
Investment Administration

Contact Tinashe Musere, Business Development consultant for more information
Phone: +263 4 309070 :: Fax: +263 4 309070
People Unlimited Foundation
Bramwell Holdings
Suite 12SE Wing
CFU Africulture House
1 Adlynn Rd cnr Marlborough Drive


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