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Ex senior- SARS officials with 21 years tax experience can help resolve disputes and negotiate with SARS on your behalf, resolve complex issues and can assist with any immediate or urgent tax problem. Share in our knowledge and expertise.


Phone: 0114343448
Fax: 0116832827
• Antonie & Bernadette were both previously employed with SARS as senior officials for 17 & 18 years respectively.

• We offer what money just can’t buy – the workings of the inner mind of SARS!

• Our services entail comprehensive advisory and compliance service in all areas of tax, i.e. Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, CGT & other taxes.

• Antonie was the Officer in Charge of the Business, Farming, Partnerships, Trusts, Salary and Investment Assessing Section of SARS, Johannesburg.

• He was also a member of a specialist, clandestine, task team at S.A.R.S and investigated high profile cases of tax avoidance together with an outside legal team. The team consisted of certain, private sector, Senior Advocates.

• Co-Editor of the Practical Tax Handbook for SMME's - wherin you will find the best advice, tips and practical examples.

• Antonie left SARS in 2000 to team up with a tax advocate; together they offered support to senior tax advocates, lawyers, accountants, etc. in a number of tax cases.

• We can be of service wherever you are - our clients are based from Pietersburg to Cape Town and even as far as New York and London.
• Full range of services - from basic registration as a taxpayer to tax returns, objections and appeals.
• Support to Accountants and Legal persons with litigation or solving complex Tax related issues.
Our Services:
Tax Returns
Income Tax
Value-Added Tax
Capital Gains Tax
Objections and Appeals
Tax Audits
Tax Investigations
Refunds – assistance
Negotiation with SARS
Transfer Duty
Tax Directives
Exemption/ Clearance certificates
Tax Queries
Salaried persons
Commission Earners
Professional individuals
Self-Employed persons
Close Corporations and Pty's
VAT & PAYE Returns
Salaried persons
Practical Tax Handbook

Contact Antonie Goosen, Owner for more information
Phone: 0114343448 :: Fax: 0116832827
22 Berry Avenue

Compu Financial Services
2 Helston Road


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