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Breco (Pty) Ltd - Seafood Importers, Exporters and Marine Fish Traders

Breco is a leading commodity trading company dealing almost exclusively in Seafood Products distributed to wholesalers around Southern Africa and to a lesser extent worldwide.


Phone: +27 21 551 8700
Fax: +27 21 551 8668
Established in Cape Town in 1995, Breco (Pty) Ltd. Seafood Importers and Exporters has developed a comprehensive regional network to become the clear leader in terms of market size in Southern Africa.

Company Facilities

The company has its head office in Montague Gardens, Cape Town and has an office in Johannesburg. The administrative and logistics departments are run from Cape Town.

All distribution is handled via “state of the art” cold storage facility which is 100% owned by the company.

We are allied to numerous factories within the greater Cape Town area which are contracted to process for us on an exclusive or proportionate basis. The degree to which we are involved in these factories varies from financial backing to assisting with staff benefit schemes to merely being a dedicated client.
Our Vision

Breco delivers value to our customers and shareholders through the adherence to these Visions:

• Being the preferred provider of Seafood Products throughout Southern Africa

• Employing a talented team of professionals with expertise in their selected market segments in order to service clients and suppliers with the perfect mix of professionalism, knowledge and expertise

• Being an employer of choice, fostering a culture that values Dedication, Respect, and Continuous Improvement

The majority of our staff have been with us almost from the outset and have been one of the biggest factors in our success. We understand fully that the correct products and pricing are ineffective without competent people in control of Procurement, Logistics, Sales and Administration.

Empowerment: In order to do our part in bringing the vision of a new and democratic South Africa to fruition, we implement a policy on product sourcing, whereby preferential status is given to suppliers with previously disadvantaged backgrounds.
Our Products:
Prawns (Black Tiger)
Prawn Meat
Marinara Mix
Squid/Calamari (mostly Patagonica Tubes)
Mussel Meat
Canadian Salmon
Norwegian Salmon
Herring Flaps
Mackerel Fillets
Rock Cod
Clam Meat
Salmon Trout
Barracouta (Imported Snoek)
Baby Octopus

Our Services:
Wholesaling of marine finfish / shellfish and crustaceans

Contact Roberto Agostinelli, for more information
Phone: +27 21 551 8700 :: Fax: +27 21 551 8668
Breco (Pty) Ltd - Seafood Importers, Exporters and Marine Fish Traders
Cape Town Head Office:
4 Printers Way,
Montague Gardens, Cape Town
P.O. Box 36637 Chempet, Milnerton 7442, Cape Town


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