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 South Africa Public Company
Business :: Financial Services


Specialists in Bike Finance and Bike Insurance. Bikefin gives you, the consumer, access to Bikes, Bike Insurance and Bike Finance.


Phone: 0164542300
Although mainstream banks and financial institutions partake in Bike Finance through their asset finance divisions, it is not necessarily their field of expertise resulting in frustration with consumers.

Traditional role players in asset finance do not understand Bike Finance. The same rules do not apply when doing Bike Finance as opposed to doing Vehicle Finance. The Bike market requires a unique understanding in terms of consumer behaviour, credit scoring, asset equity etc. At Bikefin we understand you and your Bike needs. We only finance and insure Bikes no cars or other assets.

This portal allows you to get closer to the perfect ride. Think it, own it, cover it
Our Services:
bike finance
bike insurance

Contact Nicolene Piater, IT for more information
Phone: 0164542300 :: Fax:
86 General Hertzog Avenue,
Three Rivers,


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