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 South Africa Private Company
Business :: Construction and Maintenance

Tender CV Services

CV Writing Services for Tendering Purposes.


Phone: 0744487941 / 0744690611
Fax: 0866055639
Tender CV Services

Tender CV Services creates professional CVs for companies to provide in proposals for tender submissions.

Including professional CVs in your tender submission is critical and is becoming a condition of submission. The detailing of staff abilities and resources is vital in showcasing your companies pedigree.

Professional CVs validate that the appropriate staff who will be accountable / responsible for assignments are qualified, and have the relevant experience.

The intense scrutiny of CVs has become standard practice in the process of awarding tenders. Contractors that provide superior quality documentation in their tender submissions have a distinctive edge over competitors.
For further enquries contact Arend / 074 448 7941
Our Products:
High Profile & Internationally Recognised Professional CV's Abridged version CV's Resumes & Bios Effective Covering Letters Tender CV Services Exclusive Company Profiles

Our Services:
Highly Professional Presentation of Company's Staff in Tender Submission for Best Results

Contact Arend / Alyona Willemse, for more information
Phone: 0744487941 / 0744690611 :: Fax: 0866055639
Tender CV Services
Nationwide and International


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