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Business :: Information Technology

Dake Solutions

Dake is a competitive, innovative and a leading ICT company providing technology consulting and software development services. Dake provides tailor-made, professional and cost effective solutions and strives to exceed client expectations.


Phone: 0113123222
Fax: 0113123211
Being a competitive and innovative ICT Company, since 2003, Dake Solutions [Dake] has emerged to become one of the industries most preferred Software Development and Consulting Company. The team is a committed group of people with over 50 years of experience, who’s individual and group focus is to fully understand the needs and aspirations of the client and to succeed through the client success.

Dake does not offer one-size-fits all, kind of solutions; each client is carefully analyzed and understood. Dake puts itself in the heart and soul of the client and then design and tailor make solutions that always move the client to the next level.

In information technology terms, a solution may consist of many parts – hardware, software, platforms, databases, applications and people with skills. Dake services portfolio highlights the versatile market areas that they work within in order to help their clients get the best possible IT solutions for their business needs. No matter how big or small your organization, the solution to your business challenges is unlikely to be met by one vendor or with one product set alone. The business of information management is a highly competitive one, with vendors creating new market segments and innovative products at a very fast pace. An important challenge to organizations is to know which products will bring the utmost benefit to the organization, this defines the arena that Dake intends to occupy and support our clients.
Our Services:
IT Consulting
Software Development
Business Intellgence
IT Infrastructure
Custom Development
Workflow Solutions
Content Management
Project Management
Web Design & Programming
System Analysis
Business Process
Data Analysis
Microsoft Solutions
Turnkey Solutions
Data Centers
Cloud Computing
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuty

Contact Dake Solutions, for more information
Phone: 0113123222 :: Fax: 0113123211
Dake Solutions
Dake Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Unit No 001,
Midrand Business Park,
563 Main Road, Midrand


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