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Horizon Pools

Horizon Pools pty ltd are manufactures and installers of top quality fibreglass pools. We are based in the Western Cape but have agents in many parts of South Africa. We export our fibreglass shells to other African countrys as well as Europe and some Ind


Phone: 021-5359010
Fax: 021-8457675
Horizon Pools are manufactures and installers of top quality fibreglass pools. We are based in the Western Cape. We have agents in most parts of SA. We are members of the National Spa and Pool Institute of South Africa. Over the years we have developed many concepts in the fibreglass swimming pool industry and we are leaders in the field. Not only do we have over twenty attractive, up to date shapes that will appeal to most home owners but we are capable of making once off custom shaped fibreglass pools, A first in SA. We have also developed a method of applying real ceramic mosaics to fibreglass pools which makes the swimming pool more like a traditional gunnite pool with the benifits of a fibreglass pool which is smooth sides, easier maintanence and warmer water. Whilst many fibreglass pool companies in these hard economic times have choosen to manufacture thinner fibreglass pools to save costs we have stuck to our successfull lay-up and refuse to compromise on quality, for our and our clients sake. Our prices may be a bit higher than some of our opposition but there is a reason why. If you are a serious swimming pool buyer then please take the time to visit the factorys that manufacture the fibreglass shells you have got quotes from. You are about to spend a lot of money and an hour or two of your time to have a look at the factory and product will help make your decision and possibly save you a lot of headaches. You make time to shop for lounge furniture, why not a pool?
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Fibreglass Pools
swimming pools

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Fibreglass pool manufacturer
Fibreglass pool installers

Contact John Jager, director for more information
Phone: 021-5359010 :: Fax: 021-8457675
Horizon Pools
30B, Athlone Street, Strand Industrial, 7140


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