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Business :: Agriculture and Forestry

Oursource (Pty) Ltd, trading as Source

Dux Business Solutions (Source) specialises in financial analysis and viability studies for commercial deals in the agriculture sector, as well as harvest forecasting and due diligence.


Phone: +27 21 8711669
Fax: +27 21 8722709
Strategic Business Unit

The Strategic Business Unit concentrates on the management of agriculture market intelligence and logistics. Agricultural projects can be assessed in terms of the technical, marketing, financial and management risks. A comprehensive business assessment report, business plan, recommendations and action plans can be presented to the project owners and investors on completion of the valuation. The structuring of the commensurate deals can be facilitated through our strategic partners.

Financial Modelling

Dux Business Solutions performs evaluations of farms from the orchard level up, producing harvest projections, cash-flow forecasting, ratio and risk analysis. These also include what-if scenarios built into robust software developed by the company.

Dux Business Solutions builds management models for institutions and companies to do different levels of forecasting and benchmarking.

The company has developed a model to do the financial mapping of commercial agricultural ventures. The model allows for the analysis right down to the production level, ageing, output etc. This provides a unique opportunity to assess the farm and its current value. The service also provides financial mapping for potential BEE investors, as well as financial requirements after sale.
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Harvest Forecasting
Business Strategy
Financial Modelling

Contact Salwa Petersen, Director for more information
Phone: +27 21 8711669 :: Fax: +27 21 8722709
Oursource (Pty) Ltd, trading as Source
Suite 166


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