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Mongatane Consortium (PTY) LTD

Mongatane Consortium is a consulting and multi-level marketing distribution business focusing most on creating opportunities for all living in South Africa through intenships, entrepreneurship, learnership and business opportunities. Our entrepreneurship


Phone: 0715593813
Fax: 0866672813
Minimum Investment

Membership registration is R150pm starting with Group Investors Club buying Franchise or Businness Opportunities and also Investing into other ventures from innovative ideas to Listed Companies around the world while at the same time leveraging our flagship service The Giving Organisation Trust initiative Good Card Social Entrepreneur which they have come up to find ways in raising funds for charities. This is our way of interviewing and assessment process to find the right people and also to develop entrepreneur mindset into our future business owners and investors into our economy. Through this process members will be able to choose what they want to do with their income and given all that they need to start their own venture.

All our projects use Network Marketing System to connect with other interested individuals and we also host Business Coffee Group Seminars, Webinars, Workshops, Conference for more ideas and innovations that are available to work with and support.

Fees Payable to Licensor or Franchise

Depend on the packages we as a group we are interested in, otherwise will be individual choice from their income.

Initial Working Capital Required

We have Group Iinvestors Club which is only R150 once off and a target of 1000 members per month to make 50000 members per Province and Good Card you need R450 (R150 start-up kit and R250 start-up kits bundle) there is also R150pm.

Estimated Timeframe To Reach Break-Even

With only 5 new business members in Good Card you have break-even because you already covers your monthly contribution and you are now earning R150 instate. Group Investors Club has a diferent way which you breakeven once we reach 1000 members with the required funding for business or investment and how long it will take to give us commissions or devidens.

Key differentiator:

We are the only company that has leveraging methodology in all services and products and our system is affordable that even unemployed individuals regardless of educational level, working experience, how big or small nor age can participate and build their wealth while also businesses can find the way to work together in exchange of services and products not working against each other and also saving much on advertising and whatever they need to get their brand out and generate income. We all participate into all the businesses or invesments to grow them quickly and start earning. It is every member's responsibility to make sure the projects are done efficiently and correctly. We are our own bosses after all although we have some that we have elected to make sure that whatever we do we do is manageable and controllable.
Our Products:
Skills Development programs
Business Opportunities

Our Services:
Graduates Recruitment
Business Consultation

Contact Johannes Mongatane, MD for more information
Phone: 0715593813 :: Fax: 0866672813
Mongatane Consortium (PTY) LTD
102 Oropa Mansions
40 Yeo Street
JHB, Gauteng


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