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 South Africa Private Company
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We offer excellent possibilities for repairs. The professionals in our repair shop are specialized in repairing industrial components. Because of this we are able to offer you an excellent repair program. Experienced engineers repair your components back


Phone: 0824154533
Fax: 0865771533
We design and develop virtually any type of engineering component which range from simple mechanisms to complex machinery. Although the main focus of the business lies in repairing and developing parts for plastic- and industrial machinery.
With a long history of the rebuilding and servicing of machinery and spare part production, we have re-invented ourselves to become a diverse, specialized engineering company with a difference.

Contact Hennie Rademeyer, Director for more information
Phone: 0824154533 :: Fax: 0865771533
Unit 17, 317 Zasm Street, Waltloo, Pretoria


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