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 South Africa Public Company
Business :: Information Technology

South Africa Web Hosting

Our web hosting solutions have been strategised by our SEO experts, making sure we deliver the best web hosting service to our clients. They have all the solutions to all web related issues and our sister company SEO South Africa can assist.


Phone: 028 381 9636
Fax: 086 751 0295
Our Web Hosting services aim to have the most competitively priced packages for the benefits you receive. With this being said there is a big difference in packages hosted from one host to the next.

There are some hosting companies who offer dirt cheap web hosting, but what they do not mention is how many websites are run on the same IP address. Some web hosting companies have hundreds even thousands of websites on the same IP address, we will have no more than 25 web sites on the same IP address guaranteed. South Africa Web Hosting offers linux and windows based solutions.
Our Products:
web hosting
dedicated servers
Broadband internet services
Email hosting solutions
Dedicated IP address

Our Services:
Web hosting
server administration
Off Page SEO
Data storage

Contact Glynn Channer, Owner / partner for more information
Phone: 028 381 9636 :: Fax: 086 751 0295
South Africa Web Hosting
60 Main rd


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