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 South Africa Private Company
Business :: Construction and Maintenance


We have been involved in this market for 17 years, and developed Roadsaver.

For the past 4 years we have been investigating and developing a cold crack filler for road cracks. In this process we developed a whole new formula, which we named Roadsaver.


Phone: 0873515187
Fax: 0862635561
Manufacturing of Roadsaver

Currently we manufacture Roadsaver differently, with a cold liquid bitumen, combined with certain gradings of aggregates. We make use of a pan mixer, driven by only one electrical motor, capable of manufacturing 6 tons per hour. This is well over 1000 tons per month. The mixer costs R50 000.00 in comparison with that of a plant. Packaging takes place by filling 180 litre steel drums.
The simplicity of the manufacturing of Roadsaver enables anyone with access to 6.7 stone and crusher dust to produce cold asphalt. This product will create job opportunities, reduce costs, increase quality and eliminate corruption. It can only be a winner!!
Our Products:
cold crack filler for road cracks
flowable bitumen

Our Services:
We supply the mixture in 180kg steel drums plus all the details of the recipe.

Contact Pieter Coertzen, Marketing Manager for more information
Phone: 0873515187 :: Fax: 0862635561
154 Boomslang Street
Kameelfontein Estate


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