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 South Africa Private Company
Business :: Arts and Entertainment

Trey Satellite

Providing, installing and positioning new DSTV satellite dishes
Positioning existing DSTV satellite dishes and repairing existing installations using our specialised equipment
Installing cabling from a dish to your TV
Providing and inst


Phone: 0218019983
Fax: 0862128921
We specialise in the installation and sales of DSTV, Satellite dish and antenna. Our services are Multi-Choice accredited and delivered on high levels of expertise. We install in residential as well as multi unit dwellings such as hotels, flats and hospitals.

Installers of Space, Alcad ; SkyWave & Ellies products.

Code of conduct
We ensure that you
receive a value-for-money quotation.
received professional workmanship.
work delivered in a timely and organized fashion.
Our Products:
hd pvr - sd pvr - dual view decoders

Our Services:
dstv installation
repairs & upgrades

Contact trey tinacolla, installer for more information
Phone: 0218019983 :: Fax: 0862128921
Trey Satellite
main road claremont


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