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 South Africa Private Company
Business :: Financial Services

Rainbow Finance

We are certified loan lender based here in South Africa. Offer all kinds of loan with low interest interest. Contact:


Are you INTERESTED in a genuine, fast, reliable LOANS with no hidden fees from a private lender? Just 5% p.a, tailored with a flexible repayment schedule to meet the borrower's need and also a grace period of up to 12 - 36 months. No credit check required. We provide a minimum personal loan amount from R20 000 to R20 000 000.00. Our offer is affordability, fast, effortless and simple.

We arrange business finance for companies of all sizes ranging from start-ups to established corporations, belonging to a wide range of industries such as real-estates, mineral resources, high-technology, oil and gas, leisure & tourism, hospitals & nursing homes, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, transport & utilities, renewable & sustainable energy, farming, infrastructure etc.

NOTE: All responses should be forwarded to the e-mail account below for quick application. Contact Email:
Our Products:
Consolidation Loan
Home Loan
Business Loan
Personal Loan
Vehicle Loan

Contact Reginald Ian, Advert Personnel for more information
Phone: :: Fax:
Rainbow Finance
South Africa.


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