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 South Africa Private Company
Business :: Financial Services


Genfin wants to see thriving companies in South Africa succeed. This is why we offer business funding of up to R5m to businesses in which we recognise growth potential.


Phone: 087 6544 300
Clients can rest assured that the team at Genfin understands business, and we have your company's best interest at heart. Our aim is to see companies that are doing well in South Africa, do better. So, if you are the owner of a business that has been operating for more than a year and has a turnover that is equal to, or more than R1m a year - we would definitely consider providing you with a business loan. Our loans are tailored to suit your business' specific needs and thus differ in amount. We can arrange for a loan amount of up to R5m to be paid to our clients, within one week of applying. We have made the application process simple, cutting out endless queues and paper work. To apply, clients just have to fill in an online form and one of our professional consultants will be in touch.
Our Services:
Custom business loans

Contact Rob Haupt, for more information
Phone: 087 6544 300 :: Fax:
Website: http://
Waterfront Terraces, Unit 4&5 First Floor, 3 Waterfront Road, Tygerwaterfront


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