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Business :: Electronics and Electrical

Cellphone Tech

iPhone Screen Repairs Johannesburg
Your Cracked iPhone screen, as good as new, within 20 Mins.
Come to us or We come to you.


Phone: 0114531674
Fax: 011 453 1674
There are a large number of people around the world use mobile as communicate means. Like numerous other electronic equipment's, mobile phones are also not meant to remain over time. There are several brands present different types of mobile phones and these phones show several problems with the passage of time. But, the best part is these can be iPhone screen repair easily if get damaged, thus this aspect offers the unique opportunity for several individuals. They provide their services to repair the non-functioning mobiles and earn a good amount of money. All just they need to possess a good understanding of cell phone repair.
One of the fastest ways to know the best iPad repair services in your city would be asking your friends, office colleagues and relatives so that you can know the best iPad repair agency in your area. Talking to your friend who uses an iPad will help you to know the names of the agencies that provide these services. In this way, you will get to know the reputed iPad repair shop in your region and in nearby areas. You will also come to know about the places to avoid that are known for delivering low-quality services and those that charge high amount from customers.
Our Products:
apple iphone
apple ipad
sony xperia
lg mobile

Our Services:
Screen repairs
software upgrade
water damage

Contact yohan rice, manager for more information
Phone: 0114531674 :: Fax: 011 453 1674
Website: http://
Cellphone Tech
64 Van Riebeeck Avenue, Edenvale 1609.


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