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 South Africa Private Company
Business :: Aerospace and Defense

Daliff Precision Engineering (Pty) Ltd

Specialize in precision milling, turning, drilling and grinding of small and large quantities. CNC capabilities include 3 and 5 axis and a CMM. Materials utilised includes aluminium, S/S, titanium, brass, copper and plastic. ISO 9001:2000 certified.


Phone: +27 21 386 1851
Fax: +27 21 386 2520
“We don’t just make parts – we offer solutions to your engineering problems.”

Established in 1972, Daliff Precision Engineering have become known as one of the leaders in the field of machined components for the aerospace, avitronics and defence industries in South Africa. Our position of leadership can be ascribed to the fact that research and development is a cornerstone of our operation. We are continually seeking to introduce the latest machining technology in order to ensure global competitiveness. We specialize in the precision milling, turning and grinding of small and large quantities (CNC and conventional). Our capabilities include CNC 5 axis milling and CNC 3D Co-ordinate measuring. Our commitment and service to the customer's precise requirements is unparalleled.

Our CNC Milling and Turning capacities are unparalleled and cover a vast range of small and large components with either complicated 2D or 3D profiles. Drawing on highly skilled staff, advice can be offered in the early stages of product design, concerning the choice of material and feasibility of machining methods. Working in medium to large size batches, a wide variety of materials are utilized including aluminium, steels (S/S, 17-4PH etc.), titanium and other exotic materials. Our 5 axis high speed milling capability provides our customers with the cost benefits of shorter cycle times and greater accuracy due to minimal, if any need to reposition the component on the work bed. 5 axis milling is ideally suited to the machining of complex profiles such as turbine fans.

Employing a highly skilled and experienced workforce, Daliff is justifiably proud of its ability to satisfy both delivery and quality demands required by customers. Short run components, prototyes and tools are manufactured to the tightest specifications. Capabilities include milling, turning, surface and cylindrical grinding and light fabrication.

Daliff is ISO 9001:2000 certified and operates a temperature controlled inspection laboratory which is equiped with a CNC 3D Co-ordinate measuring machine together with a full range of conventional measuring equipment. "Quality has been driven to a level where customers take it as a given."
Our Services:
surface grinding
cylindrical grinding
first off
production run
3D co-ordinate measuring

Contact Christiaan van Schalkwyk, Industrial Engineer for more information
Phone: +27 21 386 1851 :: Fax: +27 21 386 2520
Daliff Precision Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Street Address:
17 Milan Street
Airport Industria
Cape Town

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 292


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