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Advantage Technology & Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Advantage Technology & Consulting (Pty) Ltd provides cost-effective, fit-for-purpose engineering and software solutions that maximise business performance and provide systematic market, management and operational feedback.


Phone: +27 (0)11 792-7753
Fax: +27 (0)11 792-7753
Advantage Technology & Consulting focuses on supplying management with tools that enhance the core business of operations, provide employees with improved conditions in which to work and ensure easy access to information.
Company staff members have proven backgrounds in the different risk control and management disciplines and have the practical mastery, expertise and understanding of business and industry to assess, advise and assist organisations in reducing their business risks.
Our experts are highly qualified; world-class professionals who have had considerable experience in the mining, minerals beneficiation and chemical industries and exhibit extensive technical competence.
·Specific industry knowledge – aluminium, gold, coal, platinum, ferro-metals, glass, chemicals, base metals etc.
·Engineering expertise – ventilation, dust suppression, noise, radiation, ergonomics, maintenance
·Safety expertise – rock engineering, chemical manufacturing, chemical processing, transport & moving machinery
·Occupational health expertise – hygiene and medicine
·Environmental management – water, soil and air
·Research and evaluation skills – data analysis, process analysis
·Information systems – performance indicators, data representation and information management
·Information technology – programming, database management, networking, communications
This expertise integrates a deep understanding of both the business and professional disciplines, which facilitates change management - fosters management commitment and employee involvement, adequate formulation of policies, goals and objectives, focused implementation of technical programmes and feedback mechanisms that are underpinned by sophisticated information technology.
Advantage Technology & Consulting’s reputation, credibility and business success is built on the quality of the work it has historically produced for clients. It is committed to Total Quality Management-leadership aimed at controlling and constantly improving total quality and providing products in a cost-effective manner. This is the context in which it scopes and implements work for clients, striving to position clients as superior performers and winners in the industrial world of the future.
Our Products:
Workflow systems
Document management
Information systems

Our Services:
Change management
Risk assessment

Contact Ronald Guild, Chief Executive for more information
Phone: +27 (0)11 792-7753 :: Fax: +27 (0)11 792-7753
Advantage Technology & Consulting (Pty) Ltd
PO Box 448, Cresta 2118 SOUTH AFRICA

43 Charlie Street, Fontainebleau, Randburg 2194 SOUTH AFRICA


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