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 Zimbabwe Private Company
Business :: Food and Related Products

National Foods Limited

Manufacturers, millers and suppliers of branded consumer foods and stockfeeds for retail, plus bulk food packaging and supply for livestock and poultry, bakers, brewers, fish farms and other food industries.


Phone: (+263-4) 781182-91, 75375
Fax: (+263-4) 781706
Zimbabwe's largest nationwide milling, oilseed processing and packaging company. National Foods is the primary processor of grains and other agricultural inputs. Formulates, processes and packages all types of consumer and stock foods.
Consumer brands include the well-known Gloria and Red Seal brand flours and vegetable oils and ProBake bakers supplies. The Natfoods range of specialist stockfeeds are formulated for any livestock from beef to ostrich producers, and include foods for freshwater aquaculture.

WIth depots and grain silos all over the country, National Foods has the transportation capability with a fleet of specialised bulk carriers to collect, transport and distribute bulk grain and stockfeeds.

Food Aid Distribution

National Foods Ltd. has successfully assisted in many food aid delivery programmes in Zimbabwe. The company has also formulated a special emergency food aid biscuit.
Efficient mobilisation of famine relief, drought relief and the specialised logistics of hunger alleviation have been carried out for:

:: Catholic Development Commission
:: Plan International
:: World Vision
:: The Lutheran World Federation
:: Save The Children (UK)

Custom Stockfeeds:
The company retains one of the foremost animal nutritionists in the region, and can research and formulate a food for any animal. One example: dry cube fodder for a rhinoceros captive breeding program.

General Enquiries:
Stockfeeds - Fungai Mungate:
Exports Manager - Michael Toro:
Harare Sales - Mike Yeatman:
Bulawayo Sales - Charles Taylor:
Animal Nutritionist - Dr. Remi Chihora PhD:
Our Products:
Maize meal
Wheat flours
Sorghum flour
Vegetable oils
Brewers grits
Malted barley
Malted sorghum
Domestic animal foods
Commercial stockfeeds
Poultry feeds
Dog meal
Dairy feeds
Wildlife feeds
Vitamins & Additives
Lick blocks

Our Services:
Edible oil processing
Specialty food formulations for any type of animal

Contact Mike Toro, Exports Manager for more information
Phone: (+263-4) 781182-91, 75375 :: Fax: (+263-4) 781706
National Foods Limited
National Foods Limited,
10 Stirling Road,
P.O. Box 269 Harare,


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