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Over the Edge's newest production of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing was a fanastic success when performed in Harare in September this year.

Over the Edge, Zimbabwe have transported Much Ado About Nothing from the warm Mediterranean climate of Messina in Italy, to a dry, dusty border town in the Limpopo region of Southern Africa. Combining the concept of Venetian mask with a funky new type of African mask, the company portrays the foibles and generosities of communal life in a world governed, even poisoned, by male rivalry. Gender and status shape emotional attachments and men and women fear each other in this light-hearted battle of the sexes.

Over the Edge Theatre Company is one of the most successful and prolific independent theatre companies in Zimbabwe today. This Harare based company has earned local and international acclaim and boasts an impressive collection of awards. As Over the Edge continues to fly the Zimbabwean cultural flag high, they would like to invite you to become a part of their on-going success story. Read more...

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Scenes from Over the Edge's production of "King Baabu", by Wole Soyinka
Photographs Copyright © 2003 by
Gorm Shackelford.
All rights reserved

what the critics said

Born African
As performed by Over The Edge Theatre Company Zimbabwe

"Over the Edge theatre company from Zimbabwe has created a stunning and moving piece…”
(Thom Dibdin, The Stage, 2001)

“The three-strong male cast is superb. Whipping off the simplest of costumes, they transform themselves into multiple characters. The audience clapped at the end of every scene and gave a standing ovation. What more need I say?” (Diane DuBois, The Scotsman, 2001)

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
As performed and recreated by Over The Edge Theatre Company Zimbabwe

“What more could be said about a show which gets a standing ovation almost before the actors come out to take a bow?”
(Duska R. Heaney, The Stage, 2000)

“… there is enough joi de vivre here to fuel a small power-station.”
(Joyce McMillan, the Scotsman, 2000)

“The company’s delight in the wit of Shakespeare’s language and the brilliant absurdity of his comic situations is a pleasure to share.”
(Joyce McMillan, the Scotsman, 2000)








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